We are not like those other guys who jabbers on about their uniqueness. We’re just like every other blueberry in the bush, but we truly do believe that the most effective way to communicate is by doing it differently. That’s how you stand out from the bunch. And to do it differently, in today’s day and age, you have to think hard. To be able to think hard you need to be in a good place. That's where you grow and get results. Business & Emotions is that good place. For all of us sweeties who hangs around the office – as well as for you who harvest the fruits.


Business & Emotions is a creative marketing agency, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. If you work with us, you’ll be amused, astonished and maybe a bit annoyed. Never unaffected. Advertisement is all about emotions. Can you feel it?


We love to go that extra mile for you, if you do it too. We believe that the best professional relationships are based on a mutual agreement of what it means to get the work done. Thanks to our worldwide clientele we've realized that communication is about far more than the language we speak – and understanding is key for long lasting business collaborations.

Peter Karlsson

+ 46 733 20 52 36

Three-step-recipe for success:

1. A great idea

2. Emotional value

3. Step 1 & 2